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List of English prefixes

15. 1. 2015

Aquarium, archangel, architect, astronomer, audio-visual, auto-reverse, bewitch, bicycle, biochemistry, cardiac, centenary, chronicle, cinema, circumlocution, producer, community, contrary, counterfeit, cross-country, cryptonym, decontaminate, decathlon, decimal, demimonde, dermal, ditransitive, dialogue, discrepancy, double-fault, downwards, dyslexia, eco-freak, electrode, encourage, equalizer, Euro-parliament, ever-changing, ex-minister, extralong, foreshore, Franco-English, free-falling, fresh-fried, full-scale, geology, great-grandchild, half-cooked, hand-made, heterogeneous, homogeneous, home-made, hydrophobia, hyper-critical, hypothalamus, illiterate, ill-tempered, Indo-China, infrared, interpersonal, intra-racial, isobar, Italophil, kiloton, macromolecular, malpractise, man-killer, matron, megastar, microcomputer, midnight, millisecond, mini-golf, misuse, mock-wrestling, monotone, much-worn, multi-racial, near-disaster, neo-Gothic, neurotransmitter, new-made, newsroom, non-believer, octagon, off-road, omnipotent, on-screen, once-celebrated, outfit, overwhelm, pan-Slavic, paraphrase, part-owner, pentagram, phonology, photo-copier, physiotherapy, politico-military, polyglot, post-natal, pre-Romanticism, pro-monarchy, prototype, pseudo-science, psychotic, quadrilateral, quasi-divine, radio-telescope, re-write, retrospective, Russo-Japanese, self-service, semi-synthetic, Sino-Korean, socio-political, stepmother, subterranean, superpower, surcharge, synthesis, technocrat, telegram, theological, thermostat, too-large, Trans-American, trilogy, ultra-secret, unusual, under-priced, unite, uphill, vice-premier, video-tape, well-prepared.



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