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10. 10. 2007
ENGLISH WORDORDER 1) Remember the usual order of any English sentence is: subject / all verbs / indirect object / direct object / how / where / when (sometimes time goes in front) So, for example: They / should (never) have given / you / such a fright / by shouting "boo" all of a sudden / in the playground / during the afternoon break. 2) If the indirect object starts with "to" or "for", it comes after the direct object. So, for example: She / offered / the old lady / her umbrella. Or: She / offered / her umbrella / to the old lady. 3) It hardly ever happens that all parts are present; the basic word-order to remember is therefore: subject / all verbs / objects / everything else 4) The only things that can come between the verbs are not, the adverbs of frequency (that means adverbs which say how often something happens, like never, often, usually, sometimes, always) and the adverbs just, already, and (in some cases) only. The rules? Here they are: * if there is one verb and it is not BE, the adverb goes in front of it She never eats meat * if there is one verb and it is BE, the adverb goes after it He is already six feet four and he's only sixteen! at auctions be bought for cash racehorses quite easily all the year round can too many there in the world are today thin fashion models the pictures paints in France my mother during the summer holidays sometimes buy those art dealers


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